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An interesting feature of the RealPlayer is the ‘Burn CD’ section. Both the basic and the plus version can burn CDs. The current burning technology is powered by NPI, formerly it was powered by Adaptec (Roxio). With the free version you can burn audio and data CDs, the premium CD burning allows you also to make an MP3 CD.

There is also CD-ripping available on all versions, you can use it to get the download the tracks from an original CD onto your hard drive in MP3 format. By default it's set to rip CD-Tracks into .m4a (AAC).

RealPlayer has also a wide range of plug-ins. Some of them are listed at the accessories page, but most are not. There is no official plug-in page.

The included Real Music Guide gives the user detailed artist information, presents reviews, recommesndations and the most popular charts.

The vTuner Plus and HMRadio are radio tuners specially created for Real Player so that you can listen to hundreds of online radio stations.

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There are four audio "enhancers" available for the latest version of RealPlayer. DFX, iQfx, Volume Logic and Sanyo 3D Surround. DFX dramatically improves the sound quality of Internet and digital audio. Whether you're listening to downloaded audio tracks or live Internet radio streams, DFX will greatly enhance your listening experience.

Here is how you can launch the DFX. Start playing a given song. On the RealPlayer menu, select Tools and click on the DFX Audio Enhancement icon. You will momentarily feel the difference. And also, DFX allows you to change your sound enhancement settings to best suit your music type, listening tastes, and listening environment. You can change how much enhancement you would like for each sound effect by moving the individual sliders for precise control.

There is an enhancer called Lake PLS (created by Lake Technologies) but it is limited and works only with RealJukebox. In fact, there are some registry tweaks which allow you to use Lake PLS with RealPlayer 10. You may still be able to find some more info on that topic at the RealPlayer website.

Real Player Guide

RealPlayer has an integrated search engine that crawls the Web for relevant media content in all formats and organizes it for easy access. You can see it on the bar right next to the Burn/Transfer section.

Something that generates a lot of buzz about RealPlayer 10.5 is the music store. The developers from RealNetworks joined Apple and Napster in offering 99-cent music downloads. The trick here is that virtually all MP3 players, including the Apple iPod, are allowed to play songs purchased from the integrated RealPlayer Music Store. For example, you can play Real files on your iPod. This is possibly trough the so called Harmony technology that allows the player to manage Digital Rights Management (DRM)-protected tracks and work with various music players, including Apple's iPod. The only limitation is that doesn't let users put protected music meant for one device onto another: For instance, you can't put iTunes Music Store tracks on a Samsung Napster player.


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